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send istanbul code coverage to codeclimate

npm install karma-coverage --save-dev
npm install codeclimate-test-reporter --save-dev
npm test

codeclimate < build\reports\coverage\report-lcov\

semaphore-ci ==> codeclimate

testing ionic with karma & jasmine..

things to check:

– angular and angular-mocks version (bower line) must match the used version in ionic (look into bundles files?)!

>ionic --version
>npm install karma karma-jasmine karma-phantomjs-launcher jasmine-core --save-dev
>npm install angular-mocks --save-dev
>npm install -g karma-cli
>npm install
>bower install angular-mocks#1.3.13
>karma init karma.conf.js

inside karma.config.js (ORDERING IS RELEVANT!):

 // list of files / patterns to load in the browser
 files: [
 './tests/**/*.js' ],

now run tests with:

>karma start
(or variants like karma start --browsers=Chrome --singleRun=true)

pleaze, do not expect an expert here, better use: